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Wizard Rides 400, 401, 402, 403, & 404 (and Chiropractic Report): Perfect From Now On

August 29, 2012

Mmmmm... Grass...

Tuesday, 8/28/12

I asked the barn owner to feed Wizard senior feed only for two weeks. I want to experiment with his carb levels. The Triple Crown Senior has 11.7% NSC, which is very low. Since the nights are cooler and the sugars in the grass are higher than they were in the summer, I’m wondering if the sugars are making him wacky. In good news, his weight is finally starting to get good. Finally!

After work, Kris and I took a ride in the Assunpink. We kept it short since it was getting dark, and rode up the hill and down the road down the hill. Before we got to the corner, I dismounted and hand walked Wizard. I wanted to see if he would settle at all. He was a little quieter than Saturday, but still not himself. Usually, he motors along at a big, swingy walk, but this week, it’s a creep with great trepidation. Hopefully, the feed change will yield good results.

Monday, 8/27/12

CHIROPRACTIC REPORT: Despite Wizard’s odd behavior under saddle for the last week, he was mellow and compliant for the chiropractor. She said his atlas was out, and he was much tighter on the right than he was on the left. On the right, his back was tight, his shoulder was stiff, as well as his sacrum. She checked his saddle fit, and was very pleased with how it sat on him. She also really liked the balance of his feet. I put him in the indoor arena and gaited him for her. She saw the inconsistency in his right front when he traveled left, and said it was SO subtle that she would not worry about it. She said it could simply be mechanical, rather than any sort of soreness. It was great to hear a vet say it. She suspected his knee, since it creaks when I pick his feet and it carries slightly more fluid than the left knee. Her advice was to bump up his workload. She also mentioned looking into colonic ulcers if he continues to be difficult to put weight on.

Saturday, 8/25/12

Before I got Wizard tacked up, I turned him out in one of the lush side pastures next to his pasture. He happily grazed until he saw his “herd” was on the move in the neighboring field. One horse was brought out for a ride and another had a farrier appointment. Without hesitation, Wizard JUMPED the temporary gate, which was about 3 feet in height. He cleared it by a good foot, and thundered across the pasture to watch his buddies. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I got him ready for our ride.

He was looky and spooky again. This marks a full week of odd behavior. He’s sometimes a hot horse to ride, but he’s not usually spooky. Something is not right.

We met up with Rachel and rode through the trails for about an hour. Wizard never settled into his swinging, ground-covering walk. He felt tight and ready to pounce at any moment.

When we reached a clearing before the road, Wizard did a very uncharacteristic spook, flying backward. He almost unseated me. I clung to his neck and got back into the saddle. Rachel walked us back to the road to the barn. What has gotten into this horse?

Friday, 8/24/12

Before I even got a saddle on him, Wizard spooked at my tack box and tack in the grooming area. He was snorty and looky from the very beginning. I gave him a pass, since the farm across the street was hosting a team penning event. Once in the saddle, I headed out on the trails to meet Rachel and Lily. Wizard was very spooky for the entire ride. We were not out very long, since the sun was setting.

Wednesday, 8/22/12

Before work, I rode Wizard in the outdoor arena. It was pretty warm out, and he was rather “fizzy”. His trot work was tight and short-strided, and he was cantering sideways and hauling on my hands. I ended the ride on a decently good note, asking for a stretchy trot. He gave me one, reluctantly.

Tuesday, 8/21/12

Our 400th ride, and it was a beautiful night. Cathy and I rode out in the Assunpink. We rode through the big field, trotted a little on the dirt road, and went down to the lake. Wizard and Tuesday played in the water for a little while before we headed back. On the trail leaving the lake, there was a blue and yellow jacket, or maybe a blanket. Whatever it was, Wizard was HORRIFIED by it. It was not supposed to be there. He snorted, pranced, and danced past it. I asked for a shoulder-in past it, facing him away from the blanket. It worked. Whew.

I’m gonna be perfect from now on
I’m gonna be perfect starting now

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  1. August 29, 2012 9:50 am

    I can’t remember if you already did this or not, but has he been checked for Lyme’s? It seems there is a big surge with people in the Northeast (especially) and uncharacteristic naughty behavior lately. With nearly all other things ruled out, maybe it would be worth pulling a test? Good luck with him!

    • August 29, 2012 1:21 pm

      Thank you for your thoughts. He was blood tested and came back positive for Lyme. I treated him at full strength for 12 weeks, ending in April. He also scoped positive for ulcers and was treated for 6 weeks with a few weeks of tapering off the omeprazole.

      • August 29, 2012 1:23 pm

        That’s right I thought I had read that a few months ago. Most specifically, I was reading about Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz, who I believe tested positive a while back and was treated but it’s come back (I don’t know if that’s the correct way to put it!) and has been causing behavioral issues again.

  2. August 30, 2012 7:50 am

    I feed Ollie the Triple Crown Senior – it’s excellent! I have even taken him off his calming supplement.

    I will tell you that when the grass greens up, Ollie will start to show his old tendencies of bouncing around and his poops become loose. My unofficial analysis is that the higher sugar content in the grass is responsible and making his stomach more acidic – thus he becomes uncomfortable and jumpy. So I believe your thinking about the grass is correct and Ollie will support your theory! Ollie is best when the grass is going dormant…

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