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Wizard Session 454: Nerve Endings

March 27, 2013

Micklem Bridle... so far, so good!

Tuesday, 3/26/13

Spring is really, really here. Wizard has been shedding for a few weeks already, and tonight, I heard the frogs screaming in the park. And the horses are nibble-nibbling at the new spring grass.

We took a hand walk in the park before it got dark. I tried out the Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle. Here’s a great review of it:

On our walk, Wizard encountered a group of about 10-12 horses picketed in the parking area, on some sort of overnight campout. He was astounded to see all these horses, and gawked and craned his neck like a giraffe, but he behaved himself while he stared. The horses were all very well trained, and just watched him with quiet curiosity.

When we returned to the barn and after he had a pick of grass, I longed Wizard in the indoor arena for a little while. So far, I really like the bridle. Wizard was much less fussy in it, with less chomping and no curling behind the bit. We just did a quick session, warming up at the walk and trot with one spiral in each direction and 2-3 laps at the canter each way. I really wanted to ride, but I want to make sure he does not get sore with all his new work and the new saddle. His gaits were good- I wonder if the Pentosan has having any effect yet. I gave Wizard his snack, turned him out, and enjoyed the bright moon and sounds of the frogs. Ahhhh, springtime.

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