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Wizard Rides 457 & 458: Sunday Girl

April 2, 2013

An early morning ride in the park with the Easter Wizard.

Saturday, 3/30/13

Wizard enjoyed his first night without a sheet or blanket of the year. With the wind and rain that followed for the rest of the week, he’s clothed again, but he looked quite please to be naked for a night.

He got his second dose of Pentosan on Friday. I gave him the injection myself- it was my first time giving a horse a shot, and it went off perfectly. I don’t see any results from the Pentosan yet, but I know it can take time with some horses. The good news is that he’s perfectly sound with the work we’re doing.

Kris and I took a quick ride in the park before she had to get to work. We rode up the hill behind the parking area, and down the hill by the hunt club. Both horses were great and were happily in the springtime trail riding groove. When we returned to the barn, I rode Wizard in the outdoor arena for about 30 minutes, including his cooldown. He was pleasant and responsive, and there was zero ear pinning or kicking- hooray! We worked at the walk and trot, and I threw in just a little canter at the very end. I asked him to canter just down the center of the ring to the fence. We did this a few times, and he actually settled into it a little instead of getting tense like he has in the past at the canter.

The weather was so spectacular that after Wizard was all cooled out and groomed, I went out myself for another hike on the trails without any horses.

Sunday, 3/31/13

I had a little time before work on Easter morning, and I took a drive down the the barn to ride Wizard on the trails. We rode by ourselves. He did just a little ear pinning, but was mostly willing. We walked down a new trail, and did one hill at a walk. We also trotted through a field. He got a little animated, but was able to come back to me nicely. I was very proud of him, and I hope this is a sign of things to come for the summer. He’s such a fun horse.

On Monday, I did just a little arena-sized round penning for about 10 minutes. I’m trying to keep the work program varied.

Wizard is getting a new paddockmate, a Thoroughbred named Chance, who was from Camelot Auction. This makes 4 geldings in the paddock. I actually photographed Chance and remember him. So far, they are getting along well. Buck, the paddock leader, is slowly letting Chance join the herd.

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