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Wizard Ride 470: The Silver Lake

April 23, 2013

The Wizard of the Lake

Tuesday, 4/23/13

On Monday, I took Wizard for a hand walk in the north end of the Assunpink. It was swampy and damp, despite the recent dry spell. I was glad to get Wizard out of his comfort zone in preparation for further adventures this summer, but I think we’ll have to wait until a dry spell in the summer to ride in that end of the park.

On Tuesday, I met up with Rachel and Lily for a ride in our regular part of the park. We were out for an hour. Wizard was great when we rode solo out to meet Rachel, and was mostly great on the ride. He got a little grabby on the bit from time to time and kicked about 3 times, but maintained a good walk for the whole ride. We rode up over the edge of the bowling pin field, and down the red clay trail to the lake, where Wizard pawed and splashed and played. Rachel and Lily were good sports about the splashing, fortunately!

We rode around the edge of the large side field, and parted company by the Horse Park. Wizard got a little anxious when we started heading home down the road, but I worked a little on our dressage contact and worked on bending my elbows. On the last leg of the walk home, we got a nice, swingy, connected walk going. We were home before dark, and I gave Wizard his snack and put him to bed.

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