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Fool in the Rain

October 18, 2009


Thursday, 10/15/09

I am a fool. Thursday was cold, damp, and rainy. Possibly the worst day possible to give Selena a bath. But I did it. The plan was to put a sheet on her but my waterproof turnout sheet was professionally cleaned and spotless so I decided to give her a bath so she would be clean under the clean sheet. It was as skilled as brain surgery. Well, maybe not, but it was quick and efficient and successful. My friend and I had an army of towels waiting as soon as I finished shampooing and rinsing Selena with warm water. I used Pantene Silver Expressions shampoo to try to bring out her silvery color. The smell is pleasant and it did a good job. We dried her with towels and wrapped her in two coolers and I walked her in the barn to keep her warm. She dried remarkably quickly! At the end of the night, I had a clean horse wearing a clean sheet, snug as a bug in her stall as the rain poured down. I brought Wizard out to the indoor arena and let him stretch his legs. After he played for a little while, I let JR do the same. Brrrrr. I drove home and took a hot shower :^)

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