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Wizard Ride 140: Bo Knows

May 9, 2010

Wizard and Me

Thursday, 5/6/10

New shoes for Wizard today. They must be cross-training shoes ala Bo Jackson, since he’s feeling more and more like a hunter-type horse these days. We’ve got a long way to go, but he’s getting softer on the bit and he’s pretty happy doing the huntery nose-poke.

Wizard trotted around in the indoor arena at liberty for a few minutes so I could see how he looked- he looked good :^) Our ride was pretty mellow, working in the smaller back dressage court at sunset. Turkeys were gobbling up a storm in the woods, but he did not bat an eye. We worked on leg yields at the walk, as well as figure-8s at the trot, then progressing to three- and four-loop serpentines. He’s willing to go long and low, and he’s more willing to keep contact with the bit. He is less resistant to leg pressure and his coordination is improving.

The farrier said that Wizard’s shoes are wearing on the outside on the right shoe and the inside on the left shoe- it seems like the shoes are supporting whatever stiffness he had and possibly the muscling is helping to keep him balanced and comfortable.

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