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Wizard Ride 141: We Bad…

May 10, 2010

Wizard and Me

Saturday, 5/8/10

For the past few rides, I’ve been thinking about cantering Wizard some more. We have cantered a few times on the trail, but I felt pretty confident that he was balanced and coordinated enough to canter in an arena. And in all honesty, watching all those tough Rolex horses fly around the cross-country course gave me a little fire in my belly. I wanted to be cool like them. Well, a fraction of their coolness would be enough, really. So after a nice warmup at the walk and trot in the indoor arena, I asked for a canter, first on the left lead. He did it. We cantered down the long side and the short side, I praised him, and we walked. Then, we tried the right lead. He picked up the left lead twice, but on the third try, he got the right lead. Wizard’s spirits were up and he was happily snorting a little. I took him outside and we trotted some ground poles on an arc, followed by a little cross-rail.

Yeah, we bad…

Richard Pryor Gene Wilder We Bad Scene From Stir Crazy

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