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Wizard Rides 236, 237, 238, 239: Driver’s Seat

June 1, 2011


Ahhhh, back from a much-needed break!

Tuesday, 5/31/11

Took a nice walk out on the trails with Kris and Philly, and returned as it was getting dark. The horses were great on the dark trails, in spite of the awful flies and gnats. Once we returned, I did a little relaxed trot with with Wizard in the outdoor arena. He was very quiet on the bit- not very “chompy”- YESSSS. I wonder if we could do a little dressage schooling show this summer… Hmmm.

Monday, 5/30/11

Did a little arena work with Wizard indoors, and showed him off for my friend Cathy. She had not seen him in a while and was really pleased to see how much muscle he has developed and how nice he is under saddle. We did some basic work, but kept it light since it was so hot outside (close to 90 degrees). Mostly trot work and a little cantering.

After our arena work, we took a trail ride with Philly and with a big young warmblood. It was his first trail ride and he was a star. Of course, he was out with two very solid trail horses: Wizard and Philadelphia :^) We did the bigger loop and were out for about 45 minutes.

Sunday, 5/29/11

I got back in the driver’s seat for this ride and worked on a plan. We rode indoors, and did a lot of work with transitions: walk and trot, as well as transitions within the gaits. I could feel a true connection on the bit in some parts of the ride, and it was lovely. Wizard is becoming a more educated ride now. We also worked on some lateral exercises. Leg yield and shoulder in to the right are fine, but Wizard and I are both weak to the left. Our next goal is to improve our canter departs- he is still loosey-goosey and rushes if I push too much or don’t hold him together.

Wednesday, 5/25/11

Rode outdoors, and succumbed to my worst riding habit: riding without a plan. I should have worked on more transitions in order to improve our canter departs, but I did not, and Wizard was rushing a little bit. His lateral work needs practice as well. Time to get with the program again…

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  1. June 1, 2011 9:36 am

    Yes. Driver’s Seat ! LOL
    That’s my era. That’s my song. Twas a huge hit at the time.
    This tune was blaring through the speakers at Action Park every couple of hours.

    A great song to play at the roller rink back then.
    And oh… Jenny was indeed sweet. 😀

    PS: Hope you’re feeling better !

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