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Wizard Rides 240, 241, 242: Gut Feeling

June 6, 2011


Sunday, 6/5/11: I took another trail ride with Wizard, around the long loop. This time, we went out alone. As usual, he was fantastic. We walked the beginning parts and then trotted the last half of the ride. His trot was WAY better on Sunday than it was on Saturday. I wish we had some more long stretches of trail. I’d really like to work on his gaits out of the arena. The flies were AWFUL! I’m glad he was wearing his fly bonnet and new nose net. His ankles were smeared with Belly Balm to keep ticks from climbing up his legs. I used my dressage whip to remove the offending flies off his neck as we walked. The sandy stretches were worse than the wooded areas.

Saturday, 6/4/11:

Such a wonderful solution in such an inexpensive package! Two enthusiastic thumbs up for the Cashel Quiet Ride Nose Net. Wizard tends to be very reactive when flies bite him, and the Nose Net kept him a little happier. We rode out along the long loop with another boarder and her pony mare. For the beginning of the ride, we walked, and we cantered and trotted for the long stretch across the street. On the trail home, we walked, as always. He was a little hot when we started the cantering, and settled a little at the trot. The Mountail Laurel are in bloom, and it is spectacular to see the forest of flowers along the trails.

On Thursday, 6/2/11, I was short on time so I longed Wizard in the indoor arena.

Wednesday, 6/1/11:

We rode indoors, and worked on our lateral work and transitions. I carried a riding crop. Carrying it was all I needed, too! Wizard was lighter on my leg, and I did not notice as many gaps in attention. His canter work was hot and unbalanced- we still need work. His transitions from trot to canter are very hit-or-miss, and when he gets nervous, his canter gets sloppy. His later work was really nice. I can feel him getting stronger and more coordinated. He can hold a shoulder-in for a longer period of time, and I can feel him engaging his hind legs as he works. My gut feeling about the canter work is that we just need to do more. We got out of practice and now it;s time to build muscle and miles.

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