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Wizard Ride 270: Storm Warning

August 30, 2011

Wizard is ready for Hurricane Irene

Friday, 8/26/11

We had a stretch of nice weather before Hurricane Irene, and I headed out to the barn after work to squeeze in one more ride. Wizard and I hit the trails with Lily, Zeke, and Sunny (all ridden by their respective humans). It was dusky, so we took the short loop again, and got back just barely before it was dark.

After the trails, I bopped around the outdoor arena with Rachel and Lily, and we played a little with riding the horses side-by-side. At my old barn, we used to do drill rides in the wintertime, both to sharpen our riding and to get horses used to riding on close quarters. Wizard made a few grouchy faces at Lily, but seemed to get over it once we did a little more. We walked, trotted, and cantered. He had one moment of hopping around when we got our left lead, but was otherwise pretty good.

In the photo above, Wizard is sporting my phone number, written in cattle crayon, in the event that he had gotten loose during the storm (he’s fine). Since then, I’ve heard from friends and family, and everyone is okay, thank goodness.

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