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Wizard Ride 271: On Fire

August 31, 2011


Monday, 8/29/11

The arena was damp from all the weekend’s rain, but the farm drains really well, so we were able to ride outdoors. I walked Wizard around the property, and then started our trot work in the arena. He felt a little funny, sort of an odd bounce in his step. I wasn’t sure if he was hitchy or just feeling silly. My hunch was the latter, so I hopped off, stripped his tack, and turned him loose. He ran around the arena like his tail was on fire. I guess being cooped up in a tropical storm will do that to you.

After he got his ya-yas out, I re-tacked him and rode. By that time, Kris was in the arena with Sunny the Mustang mare. We both worked on some bending exercises and transitions, doing circles in each corner of the arena, and working at both the walk and trot. Wizard felt GREAT. He was softer on the bit than usual, and perfectly happy to take a little contact. We worked on circles around the jumps, and practiced change of bend and direction. Our ride was so nice that I booked a lesson for this week :^)

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  1. August 31, 2011 7:54 am

    That’s great! Sounds like he’s feeling and doing very well. My Ollie is doing great too! Not sure where his brain cells came from but I like that they are there! LOL!

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