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Top Ten Singles of 2011

December 31, 2011

The HandGrenades: “See You ‘Round”

All hail Detroit.

Mike Ferraro and the Young Republicans: “Metal Heart”

Yeah, I’m married to the bassist, but this song rules.

Peter Murphy: “The Prince and Old Lady Shade”

You can’t stop The Voice.

The Rapture: “How Deep is Your Love?”

Nervy title, but the boys deliver, and they have the sax to back it up.

PJ Harvey: “The Glorious Land”

Polly, you’ve done it again.

Low Roar: “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”

Moody. I love moody.

Okkervil River: “Rider”

Does it mean I’m getting old if I am starting to like songs that are longer than 2 minutes? And, for that matter, that I like a song by Okkervil River?

Pet Lions: “When I Grow Old”

Nice drums.

Male Bonding: “Tame the Sun”

Sounds kinda like the HandGrenades song. At least I’m consistent.

Beck: “Stormbringer”

A fabulous tribute. And I’m totally not a Beck fan.


The Strokes: “Machu Picchu”

This song gets a nod because it’s the PERFECT CANTERING TEMPO for Wizard.

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  1. January 2, 2012 8:20 am

    Detroit is a great music city!! Good tune by the HandGrenades!

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