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Wizard Ride 325: Last Year’s Man

January 1, 2012

Sunday, 1/1/12

My mom always said that how you spend your New Year’s Day will reflect on how you live in the upcoming year. Sooooooo, I went on a trail ride with Wizard and Kris and Sunny :^) Before our ride, I knew Wizard needed to blow off a little steam. There is a big weather change on the way in, and the warm air is being chased out by a cold front tomorrow (Monday). The air today was very mild and sunny- I think it got over 50 degrees.

When I went out to Wizard’s paddock to bring him in, he walked over to me, which I always think is really cute. Some days, he actually runs to me, and some days, it’s a meandering walk with a few stops. But giving up his turnout friends for me is a compliment indeed.

I could tell Wizard was “fresh” as soon as I had a halter on him. He was prancing around playfully as we walked down the driveway. I turned him loose in the outdoor arena and he went BANANAS, leaping and running, tail flagged. He took every opportunity to gallop, spin, and spook. He was still sparky when I took him out of the arena. I tacked him up and then I longed him in the round pen while Kris longed Sunny in the other end of the indoor arena. Someone was working on some equipment in the storage space behind the side wall of the indoor arena, and Wizard hopped around every time he heard clanging. He’s not a spooky horse, but he had an excess of energy today and showed me at every opportunity. He did some work in side reins, and that helped him settle a little. In the very beginning of longeing, it looked like he might have been a hair off again in the left front, but it seemed to go away- whew. On Wednesday night, he was looking funny on the same leg when I let him trot around the arena. His right hind also looked a little “hitchy”. On Saturday, it was gone. I have my eye on it.

I mounted up, and Kris and I headed out onto the trails. Wizard stood like a stone while I got in the saddle, and walked nicely in the arena, but as soon as we started to head down the drive way, he began hopping and prancing. I sat firmly and quietly, and he settled once we were in the woods. With every leaping squirrel and every fluttering leaf, Wizard twirled his head and thought about reacting. I focused on some shoulder in, and sitting as balanced as possible. He nervously chewed on the bit, but by the time we reached the third leg of the ride, he was settled and in his groove. There were dirt bikes in the woods, but none came within our sight or onto any of our trails.

Even when we were walking back up the driveway, Wizard was alert. Usually, he’s loose and relaxed on the last bit of the ride, but not today! He felt as fresh as he was when I pulled him out of the paddock. I brought him in the outdoor arena after our trail ride, and just trotted about 5 laps around the arena. He was so excited about his surroundings that he barely flattened his ears or kicked out. He listened and he felt really nice, but was definitely FIZZY. Hopefully, I’ll schedule a vet appointment this week so I can figure out if the fizz is a physical issue. He also has a farrier appointment for Monday- he’s overdue (8 weeks- ack! I try to keep him on a strict 5 or 6-week schedule).

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  1. January 2, 2012 9:56 am

    Thanks for that and also the Cohen video. One of my favorite musicians.

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