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Wizard Session 326 and Veterinary Report: Waiting for Something

January 9, 2012

Sunday, 1/8/12

On Friday morning, the vet examined Wizard in the hopes of diagnosing the cause of our under-saddle issues. The last time she did an evaluation was May 2009 (click here to read it).

She did some simple neurological tests, and she did not see anything that raised any red flags for her. She also pulled blood to do a Lyme Disease test, and we’ll get the results in a few days. She watched him on the longe line, and said she did not see any lower limb unsoundness. The plan is to do further diagnostics of his back and SI (sacroiliac) joint if he comes back negative for Lyme. I really like my vet- she is very open-minded and thorough. I am hoping that we can get to the bottom of this.

On Sunday night, I longed Wizard in the indoor arena, and Kris and Sunny longed in the other end of the ring with us. It was a chilly night, in the 30s when I got there. Wizard worked in his bridle and surcingle. He walked and trotted without side reins as a warmup (video above), and then we did about 10 minutes of side rein work, trotting and working on one spiral in each direction. He was very willing to do some work. For the past few visits, I’ve been letting him run and play loose in the arena. He got just a little sweaty and I cooled him out by walking him in hand. I put him to bed, and will continue waiting for a call from the vet’s office.

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  1. January 10, 2012 2:16 pm

    I am curious as to what the vet may find. Will be waiting to hear, and then learn more as you move forward.

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