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Wizard Ride 332, Session 333: Tin Man

February 13, 2012

Wizard, catching snowflakes on his tongue

Pictured above, Wizard catches snowflakes on his tongue.

Saturday, 2/4/12

Wizard has been on doxycycline for almost a full month for Lyme Disease. I have not noticed any big changes, but he does seem a little less sensitive to touch and a little more like his friendly self. We’ve had an amazing streak of mild weather, so I longed and rode him outside on Saturday. On the longe, he was pretty normal, but did get carried away to the right, and had a few “wheee!” moments. Under saddle, he was okay. He stood perfectly for me to get in the saddle, but immediately began his ear pinning routine when I was riding. As usual, it simmered down a little with work, but definitely was the same as it was the last time I rode him. Sometimes, he goes a while without doing it, but then it comes back. I can’t figure out a pattern. He felt sound, which is good. I did not notice any soreness. My plan is to ride maybe once or twice a week until I see more improvement.

Monday, 2/6/12

I longed Wizard in the outdoor arena under the lights. He was feeling pretty fresh from having all the time off, and when I placed a trot pole on the ground, he came to a screeching halt, and then eventually LEAPT over it. A pole. A trot pole. Sometimes, I wonder what goes on in his head. He was pretty “up” for the whole session. Not out of control, but very forward and maybe a little nervous at times.

My plan was to get him back into more work, but then I got sick for a week. I’m visiting him every few days to prepare his medicine and let him stretch his legs in the arena. He’s due for shoes on Monday (6 weeks). Hopefully, we’ll be back on track soon and maybe I’ll start seeing positive changes under saddle.

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