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Wizard Sessions 412, 413, & Ride 414: Action Time Vision

October 9, 2012

After a bath, there's nothing Wizard likes more than running around like a nut.

Tuesday, 9/25/12

Monday, 10/2/12

Both days, I longed Wizard in the outdoor arena. I saw a few minor missteps. He was happy to work and was full of energy.

Wednesday, 10/4/12

I hopped on Wizard to see how he felt under saddle. We walked for almost 30 minutes. We did very light trot work, at a slow trot on contact, and I felt his right knee buckle slightly a few times. I did not push it any further. He will remain on vacation with just a little exercise until I can get a vet to look at him again. It’s not alarming to observers, but it does not feel right to me.

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