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Wizard Sessions 415, 416, 417: Storm Warning

October 25, 2012

The fabulous flying Wizard in the springtime (I'm going through pre-Frankenstorm sunshine deprivation).

Saturday, 10/13/12

The saddle fitter (Dutchess Bridle & Saddle, LLC) came out and evaluated Wizard’s saddle fit. I currently ride him in a Smith-Worthington Danzig. By the broken hair pattern, the saddle fitter guessed that the saddle was too wide. Then, she placed the saddle on his back and, ugh, she was right. I tried out a Kent & Masters, and it’s a good fit. The problem with the Smith-Worthington is that it clears his withers, but the tree is too wide. The Kent & Masters has an adjustable tree and a high-wither model, so he gets wither relief AND a saddle that fits his A-frame shape. And now, I have to sell my THREE saddles that don’t fit my one horse.

After the fitting, I took Wizard on a hand walk on the trails with Kris and Sunny and Ellen and Pasha. We did a shorter loop, and Wizard had a nice time.

Saturday, 10/20/12

Wizard and I went out for another hand walk with Kris and Sunny. I visit him at night on weekdays, but it’s too dark to go out in the park and he’s on sabbatical until we get our new saddle. So we only do mornings or weekends in the park. The weather was stunningly beautiful, and we had a great walk. We stopped at the lake and did a nice walk.

Wizard’s soundness has been 95% normal, best outside in the big arena, and worst in the smaller indoor arena on a circle.

Thursday, 10/25/12

I took a mental health day off from my weekly volunteer photo work, and took Wizard for a relaxing hike in the park. It was cloudy but cool, and Wizard enjoyed our walk, eating grass along the way, and, of course, playing in the lake. We saw lots of birds and lots of cats. Wizard is up to 1038lbs, according to the weight tape. He gained 90lbs in nine weeks. I think it’s a combination of 1) him being relaxed with no mares in his paddock 2) Triple Crown Senior 3) EquiShure 4) 2 acres of pasture and all-you-can-eat hay.

Bring on the Frankenstorm!

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  1. Jane permalink
    November 3, 2012 7:54 pm

    I haven’t been following the news very closely as I have not been well. I am finally getting caught up about the hurricane – I hope all is well.

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