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Wizard Sessions 418, 419, 420: Sandy

November 13, 2012

Wizard in a sunbeam

Thursday, 10/25/12

Friday, 10/26/12

Saturday, 11/3/12

Both my home and my barn were spared from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. There were power outages, broken windows, fallen trees, etc., but my family and the horses at my barn escaped the wrath of the storm that was so cruel to so many others. We are all safe and sound, and very lucky. The good people at Sounds To Go DJs in Red Bank are working on a massive relief effort, and my husband and I are doing everything we can to help.

I’ve been to the barn several times each week, but only have gotten out for a hand walk on the dates listed above. The Assunpink had many fallen trees and a cracked telephone pole by the hunt club, but was less battered than I expected. I wasn’t sure how Wizard would weather the storm since this is his first year on 24/7 turnout, but he was smart enough to take shelter when things got really wild. The barn owner was diligent about providing ample hay and water for the horse throughout the ordeal.

Wizard’s soundness looks a little better, but it’s hard to tell without riding him. His feet look good from all the Durasole treatments, with fat, happy frogs and tougher soles. I don’t see a huge difference from the EquiShure, so I’ll be swapping to EquiPride when our supply runs out. Wizard continues to gain weight, and has grown a very healthy winter coat. I’m just schooling him on the ground, and waiting for the new saddle to arrive. I should get it before Christmas (I hope!).

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