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Horses and Hope Calendar: Your Cure for the Cyber Monday Blues

November 26, 2012

Horses and Hope: Faces of Rescue

Cyber Monday chaos? Have hope!

I have the perfect gift for all your animal-loving friends. This summer, I teamed up with Gina Keesling of HoofPrints, and we created our second charity calendar project, titled Horses and Hope: Faces of Rescue (click here to order).

Like last year, 100% of the calendar’s profit is donated to One Horse At A Time, a 501(c)(3) charity. The 2013 calendar features a wider variety of equine subjects than the 2012 calendar, which focused on horses at Camelot Auction in New Jersey. Horses and Hope: Faces of Rescue contains over 100 photos of horses and dozens of inspirational stories and quotes, and represents almost three years of volunteer work. In addition to my home state of New Jersey, I traveled to New York, Kentucky, Virginia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and visited horses at equine rescues, as well as in their adopted homes.

Horses and Hope: Sunny's Story

Thanks to the generous calendar purchases of hundreds of horse lovers, the 2012 Horses and Hope calendar raised over $40,000. With that money, One Horse at a Time (OHAAT) wrote grants to help 317 horses, including supplies for emergency feed deliveries, and funds for 255 new geldings.

Rosebud RULES!

Gina and I worked hard to keep the calendar inspirational and positive, and highlight the great things that people do to help horses all over the country. Thank you so much for all of your orders so far- the response has been extraordinary. Here are just a few of the fantastic comments that we have already received:

“Sarah Andrew is an unbelievably talented photographer, world-class – and she treats each horse in this calendar with beautiful reverence. The profits from the calendars all help an important cause – helping equines in need – and the images, and the accompanying stories, will stir your heart…win-win!” –Barbara Livingston, Eclipse Award-winning photographer, Daily Racing Form

“The journey of feedlot horses from forgotten to beloved is documented in this incredible calendar, a gift of love from top equine photographer Sarah Andrew. She sees hope in their guarded expressions, bloom in their lackluster coats, and shows that these animals have so much yet to offer. Every page and every story warms the heart and steels the nerves for the continuing fight for the lives of these horses. No true horse-lover should be without this calendar, with its proceeds making a difference for these horses.” –Gina Spadafori, author, The Ultimate Horse-Lover

“In a season filled with commercialism and cynicism, it’s nothing short of a Christmas miracle to discover Sarah Andrew’s Horses and Hope calendar. Filled with true tales of inspiration, Horses and Hope is a reminder of what can be achieved if we don’t give up or give in, but dedicate our collective will to achieving that which needs to be achieved. Sarah’s photography is beautiful, the illustration magnificent, and the overall result a masterpiece you’ll be proud to share with your loved ones at Christmastime, all while receiving that special satisfaction you get from knowing that doing so means you’re not part of the problem, but part of the solution.” –Sue Finley, Vice President/Co-Publisher, Thoroughbred Daily News

“They look like normal enough horses on the cover… but when you open this special calendar and read these horses’ stories, you’ll never take a horse’s handsome head shot for granted again. Are you looking for a feel-good holiday gift that your friends will love? I think I’ve found it. I can say that with confidence, because the 2012 edition of this calendar is hanging over my desk…and I’m saving that spot of honor for the 2013 edition… Saving horses is, like any great mission, a thing that is worked on one day at a time. But at the end of the year, you can look back and see your accomplishments. By ordering this calendar, and giving it as a gift to your friends or business associates, you help assure that at the end of 2013, there will be many horses whose welfare needs were met, as a guarantee of the year’s–and the calendar’s–success.” –Fran Jurga, publisher/editor, Hoofcare and Lameness and The Jurga Report

More testimonials from horse lovers:

“Already ordered mine. The photography and printing are coffee table quality and they make great Christmas gifts for horsey and non-horsey friends.Thank you, Sarah and Gina. You make my Christmas shopping really easy.”

“Just wanted to mention how FAST this calendar arrived! Thank you for making such a beautiful memory book of these wonderful horses.”

“Here is a great Christmas gift for your friends and fellow horse lovers. PLUS, it supports a wonderful charity. We will be displaying one at our barn over the holidays!”

“I got mine a few days ago…cried at some of the stories. So touching!”

“The calendar is amazing, as was last years’ (which I bought also, just to see the beautiful photography). This years’ is a Christmas gift for the woman who boards my horse. She’s heard the stories each week, of the one I almost couldn’t resist, and I thought it so fitting that she finally experience some of what I’ve been talking about.”

“Great calendar!!!! Great cause!! Great stories!!! What else do you need??? This is an awesome and meaningful Christmas gift for the horse people on your list. I buy one for myself and a few other people… Spectacular photos on top-quality heavy paper, and every cent goes towards horse rescue and after-care.”

“I LOVE my new calendars. They are as beautiful, as touching and as beautifully done as the ones I bought in 2012. And I know my money is going for a good cause. Thanks for putting these together and making them available to those of us who can’t buy another horse but still want to help.”

“After working a 12-hour day, I came home to find my Horses & Hope 2013 calendar arrived… it may be I am over tired or the time change, but I cried over every month…not out of sadness, but out of beauty….beauty over these saved souls & all the people who made this happen & took a chance! This is by far the nicest calendar EVER! Congrats to Sarah & team!”

Please click on the links below to read read about the horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules in the calendar:

Georgia’s Story

Sunny’s Story

Rosebud’s Story

Tristan’s Story

Mimi’s Story

Electronic Press Release: 2013 Calendar

Zodiac at Days End Farm Horse Rescue

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