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Wizard Sessions 421, 422, 423, 424: The Concept

November 28, 2012

Mmmmm... Grass...

I broke my own cardinal sin of blogging and I think I’m missing a session or two here in November… and to be honest, these dates might not be right, either. It happened mainly because I’m so wrapped up in working on promoting the Horses and Hope 2013 calendar.

Basically, I’m at the barn 3-4 days a week, and if I’m there at night, I feed Wizard a snack and sometimes longe him. If I’m there during the day, I take him for a hand walk in the park.

Actually, that’s not entirely right, since hunting season is WAY in full swing, so some of our daytime visits are spent at the farm instead of out in the woods with a bunch of deer and pheasants.

Anyway, I think this is about right…

Monday, 11/26/12

After work, I went to the barn and tacked Wizard up in his surcingle and worked on some long lining. Wizard was a little keyed up, since he has not been long-lined in a while and has turned into a bit of a hooligan with all the lack of work (we’re still waiting on our saddle). But I was able to get him to walk and do just a little trot work pretty nicely. At the end, I longed him just 3-4 times each way to let him loosen up and trot a little.

Saturday, 11/25/12

Kris, Sunny, Wizard and I walked out in the Assunpink. It was COLD. And WINDY. And there were quite a few hunters out there, which put Wizard on edge a little. We flushed a bird, encountered a few (very well-behaved) hunting dogs, walked down the road, circled around the edge of the Horse Park cross country field, and walked back. After our walk, I longed Wizard just a little bit. He looked pretty darned sound- YESSSS!

Tuesday, 11/20/12

I *think* I longed Wizard this day. He has not had much actual work, so it’s time to put him back onto so I have him on a little work program. Thankfully, his subtle issue with the right front leg is all but gone, but to be safe, the longe work is minimal. It’s more for training than for anything else. We don’t do many rotations at all, and work more on the schooling aspect of it.

Monday, 11/19/12

If my fuzzy memory serves me, I think we hand walked in the park.

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