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Wizard Rides 499, 500, 501, 502, 503, & 504: Moonlight Mile

June 26, 2013

Wizard and me

Sunday, 6/16/13

Although this was officially Ride #499 for me and Wizard, it was a fantastic way to celebrate 500 rides/training sessions. We rode in the arena, and Kris snapped a few pictures of us jumping. From start to finish, Wizard was perfect. He was eager and relaxed over fences, and we had a great time.

Monday, 6/17/13

Kris and I went out on the trails. We rode about 4.4 miles, doing some trot work and crossing over our path at one point (which is something I’m working on with Wizard).

Thursday, 6/20/13

Wizard and I hit the trails solo, and rode about 4.4 miles. We went out of our usual comfort bubble, and ventured out to the wooded ridge past the lake. Wizard was pretty good for most of the ride, but got a little wound up on the way home. He behaved and walked, but it was clear he was anxious by the way he was slinging his head down and chewing on the bit.

Wiz and I donned our hi-viz gear for our nighttime Supermoon trail ride with Kris and Cathy in the Assunpink

Saturday, 6/22/13

In celebration of the “Supermoon,” Cathy, Kris, and I went on a nighttime ride in the park. I donned all my hi-viz gear (see picture to learn what happens when a camera flash bounces off said hi-vioz gear) and we had a great time. Wizard was PERFECT- ears up, no chomping on the bit, and he led the group like a champ. The dark did not bother him at all, and we all enjoyed the (partially hidden) moon, fireflies, and good company.

Sunday, 6/23/13

I rode Wizard in the arena, and worked on our canter transitions. It was a bit of a mess. I scheduled another lesson this week with Lisa to see if she can help us through it. Basically, he’s leaping into the air, all four feet off the ground, when I ask for a canter. And he psychs himself out when he thinks it’s time to canter, prancing and anticipating. And I’m sure I’m not helping matters!

Tuesday, 6/25/13

Before work, we took a super-mellow, 2.5-mile ride in the Assunpink. Wizard was perfect again, and seemed to have forgotten all about his Sunday ride. The flies are out, including the nasty greenheads, and the horses are doing their best to deal with them.

I went back out again on Wednesday, but the crazy streak of thunderstorms prevented me from riding. I just fed him his snack and called it a night.

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