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Wizard Rides 505, 506, 507, 508, & 509: Stop Taking My Time

July 9, 2013

Kris took Wizard for a quick spin yesterday morning- looking good!

This summer has been a great time for me to work on improving my fitness and losing some weight. Although I have not gotten out to ride as much as I’d like, Wizard is happily enjoying his downtime in his paddock with his friends while I toil away, hiking in the woods of New Jersey.

Monday, 7/9/13

The heat wave lifted a bit, and I met Kris out at the barn in the morning before work. I rode Wizard for just a moment or two and then Kris took a spin on him. She had never ridden him before, and it was fun to see her work with him. Pics here…

Kris took Wizard for a quick spin yesterday morning- looking good!

Kris took Wizard for a quick spin yesterday morning- looking good!

Saturday, 7/6/13

HOT, HOT, HOT! Since we were in the middle of a heat wave, I kept Wizard’s ride short and sweet. We took a short walk to the log cabin with Christie and Brigid, and then looped around and headed home. Brigid was back from a stay at the vet, and Wizard did a great job of riding quietly next to her while she enjoyed a stroll in the park. When we returned to the barn, I took him for a quick ride in the arena. He was warmed up from the walk, so we went right into some relaxed trot work across the diagonals, and then I surprised him with a canter transition on the right lead. And he surprised me with a PERFECT depart, followed by several strides of a really nice canter. YES!!! I rewarded him the best way I could, which was immediately hopping off his back and walking him back to be untacked and hosed off for an afternoon in the paddock with his horsey pals.

Sunday, 6/30/13

Kris and Sunny joined Wizard and me for a trail ride. We covered 4.15 miles, riding out the long field and up to the edge of the woods past the lake. We took a quick loop around a wooded trail and headed back. Wizard was great- he’s been feeling really nice and relaxed on all our recent trail rides.

Saturday, 6/29/13

Wizard and I rode with Sunny, Kris, Cathy, and Miss Tuesday in the outdoor arena. We didn’t have a lot of daylight, but we did some nice basic flatwork.

Friday, 6/28/13

I had a great lesson with Lisa. Before I got in the saddle, I showed her Wizard’s gaits on the longe line. I wanted her to see how his canter looks when I’m not in the saddle. It was also a great opportunity to get some pointers on our long-line work. I longed him with two longe lines. The biggest thing we needed to work on was keeping the contact on the outside rein more stable. Wizard responded quite well to a correction at the trot when he got rushy, and it reminded me to start taking more contact, rather than throwing the lines at him (just like when I throw the reins at him). I don’t do him any favors by giving him fritzy rein contact.

Under saddle, we worked on transitions, incorporating trot poles, walking, trotting, and a little work with rein backs. We did walk-canter transitions, as well as trot-canter transitions. Wizard got himself amped up once or twice, but it was a huge improvement over our last few cantering sessions. When I kept him straight, didn’t anticipate the movement, and kept MORE contact on the reins instead of less, he felt much better.

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